Thread: what is MFC ? (i am a newbie ... )

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    what is MFC ? (i am a newbie ... )

    can anyone tell me

    blow me ... ...

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    It's a windowing API.

    C++ is an object-oriented (for the most part) language, which means you can write code that can be reused in different applications (there's a lot of things that make it object oriented, but that's the only relevant one). Since it takes a lot of source code to work with Windows, they wrote an 'API', Application Programming Interface, that gives you a list of functions to work with windows easily. There're several out there, but MFC is just one of them.

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    Microsoft Foundation Class

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    hi hermitsky,

    Microsoft Foundation Classes, or MFCs, are libraries of classes that can be used as building blocks in creating Windows applications with Visual C++ - note, this means Windows applications as opposed to console applications.

    What does this mean? For example, importing a class in a console application using the #include directive would be something like #include <iostream.h> or #include <cstring> or #include <iomanip.h>, etc. When you include an MFC its similar but pertains to Windows apps.

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    With the MFC, Microsoft wrapped up the Windows API for C++ programmers. In comparison with similar libraries, MFC is notable for its lack of cross-platformness - it's a wrapper around the WinAPI, after all, unlike Qt, which is by design a platform-independent library; it's size and purpose - it not only wraps the windowing stuff like most libraries do, but explicitely supports and guides the programmer towards a particular programming paradigm; it's age - MFC was created before a standard C++ library, RTTI or proper exceptions and templates, and thus emulates all of these within the library; it's focus - it provides a very thin wrapper around the WinAPI in most places, but a very thick and good one in complicated areas, especially COM programming; and finally it's style - lot's of things are done at compile time using macros.
    Personally, I don't like it very much. But of course, that's a personal thing. I used to use it, but in the end, I found it too hard to make changes to the program once I was a little into it.
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