Thread: stacks to convert from decimal to hexadecimal

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    stacks to convert from decimal to hexadecimal

    Pardon me chaps, We are using stacks to convert a number, lets say 103, for instance to binary octal and hexadecimal. I am a bit perplexed by the whole situation and I was wondering if you blokes could perhaps share a little bit of your insight with me.I feel as though I've mastered the binary portion of the program.
    #include <iostream>
    #include <iomanip>
    using namespace std;
    template <class T, int n>
    class stack
    	private: T elt[n];
    			 int counter;
    		void clearstack() {  counter = -1;                            }
    		bool emptystack() {  return counter==-1?true:false;            }
            bool fullstack()  {  return counter==n -1?true:false;          }
    		void push(T x)    {  counter++; elt[counter]=x;                }
    		T pop()           {  T x; x=elt[counter]; counter--;return x;  }
    void main()
     stack <int,7> s;
     int m,n,p;
     cout<<"Enter a number to convert: ";
     while( !  s.fullstack() )
    	 n = m % 2;
    	 m =	m / 2;
        while(! s.emptystack())
    	 p = s.pop();	
    So if you could help me out with the whole hexadecimal portion of this program I would be very appreciative thank you very kindly.
    (english enough for you sean)
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    Would you please edit your post and start using English in what we like to call, "the right way". I can't even get past your first sentence.

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    punctuation always helps

    But I think what you're looking for could be found with a good board search here, or even a....Google search *gasp*
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    > void main()
    Read the FAQs, watch the Avatar, you know its wrong.

    > I feel as though I've mastered the binary portion of the program.
    > n = m % 2;
    So what's the big jump to %8 for octal and %16 for hex ?
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