Thread: Destructor - Execution problem

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    Sheeesh, I can't even copy out of my book correctly. My authors version of the postfix is

    const Counter Counter:perator++(int theFlag)


    const Counter & Counter:perator:int theFlag)

    just as Hunter2 pointed out.

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    hi elad,

    i'll take a look at this as well. the author's name as previously mentioned is Don Gosselin. i do not think he has the ability to clearly express all of the matters that should be expressed when elaborating on C++, especially concerning anything i have reviewed in the 5th chapter of his text - which is supposedly devoted to memory management, overloaded assignment operators, parameterized constructors, copy constructors, default constructors, destructors, static members, static member functions, and a couple of other items. bottom line, he may know programming, he may be a decent fellow, but he does not have the ability to communicate or express the deficiencies that become readily apparent when the user begins to test his tutorship. i like to get a book, read it 3 - 5 times and complete every exercise offered throughout the text. when i start having questions that are not remotely addressed, in addition to syntactical errors i find within the text, i really have lesser of an appreciation for the individual who wrote the book. thanks again...

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