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    I want to create some creative GUI's in C++ Builder 6. I have seen numerous skins, but want to use my own creativity and make my own.

    What tool(s) do I use to be able to do this? Im sure some of you have done this type of thing before. How did you go about doing it?


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    i think this site will help you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ameber
    i think this site will help you

    Thanks for the site... I went and d/i'ed but am having probs figuring out how to install it.

    Any suggestions... and yes, i read the instructions..


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    DISCLAIMER: I haven't used wxWidgets (formally wxWindows), or Builder.

    Borland Builder itself can make Windows GUI programs. Is that what you want to do? It includes the full Windows API. Even the free command-line Borland compiler can make full Windows GUI programs. As I understand it, the whole idea of "Builder" is to make it easy for you.

    In general, Windows GUI programming is not that easy. I'm not sure how much "easier" it is with wxWindows or Builder. Here's a link to a Windows Tutorial. It shows you the "hard way" of making a Windows program (using the WinAPI).

    I assume that the "Builder" feature is similar to Microsoft's MFC. MFC provides you with pre-written blocks of code, and it will generate a program with a lot of "Your code goes here" comments. I haven't done much with MFC either, as I wanted to write the code myself.
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    wxWidgets is very handy and its also multiplatform. If you go to the message board on the site and look for help you should be able to get it installed with your compiler no problem. I do have to say this, however, without help or a pretty good idea as to what you are doing, that particular library is damn near impossible to use.

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    Go here:

    C++ Builder provides classes to wrap the Win API, which can be assembled at design time by dragging components on to windows. Thus making it much easier to produce GUIs than the Win API, MFC or even wxWidgets.

    However, it is essentially only wrapping the Win API, which you still have complete access to.
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