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    guessing game

    hey all, i just have a question about this guessing game code on the site. What exactly is the point of using else to tell the person there wrong and have "you guess to low/high" on there?...There really both just telling you that your wrong

    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <iostream.h>
    int main()
    int number=rand()%100; 
    int trycount=0;
    while(guess!=number && trycount<8)
    cout<<"Please enter a guess: ";
    cout<<"Too low"<<endl;
    if(guess>number) cout<<"Too high"<<endl;
    cout<<"You guessed the
    cout<<"Sorry, the number was:
    return 0;

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    Make a flow chart of the program. I believe they're telling you "Too low/high" while you you're still in the guessing phase of the game. When you run out of guess is when they'll tell you that you guessed wrong.

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    Did you run this program???

    The too-high too-low are intermediate results reported inside the while loop. You only get to the else condition after you fail to guess correctly 8 times, then exit the loop (without guessing correctly).

    The logic is a bit screwy, because you test for the correct guess inside the loop and again after exiting the loop. (It's generally a bad idea to test the same thing twice.)

    Oh... I see sean_mackrory already answered...

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