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    some things you'll want to look into.

    NLP (Natural Language Processing)
    1. POS (Part of Speech tagging)
      HMM (Hidden Markov Models)
      Viterbi Algorithm (sp?)
      Baum-Welch Algorithm

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    Thats exactly what i'm trying to do, but i'm trying to have predefined "meaning" numbers in each basic word.
    Thank you for the web site, it was a big help!

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    My main purpose for doing this is eventually to create a computer that knows itself and its and english so a user can ask it to do things in plain english, and it will understand. This may one day lead to having even the most basic user able to do things experienced computer scientists can do.

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    Your enthusiam must be crushed. It will be for your own good in the end.

    Best of luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by axon
    >>to make the machine think is the job for physicists and biologists, not for programmers.<<

    physicits?? why the hell do e need physicist; this HAS to be joined effort of biology/neurology and computer science

    computer science ?
    what we need is a machine that can "think". it is not a computer anymore, it is a "brain"
    computer can never "think", it only follow the program,and program means be controled.

    to create intelligent machine,we need a revolusion.

    blow me ... ...

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