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    Red face filestream/operator overload help

    I am trying to input a file that contains numbers and operators. The goal is to take the input, do some conversions using operator overloading, and compute result. The input is in the form of British currency. I have to take the left side of money, then do the operator with the right side. I am having a difficult time trying to loop through the input file and put the currency into the right array along with the operators to the right array. Maybe I am doing it wrong with the array, I dont know. All the computer guys are foreign, and cant understand me. Please help.

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    You're going to have to be a little bit more specific with a question describing exactly what you are having problems with and showing relevant code.
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    First, can we see the sample of input.

    >>The goal is to take the input, do some conversions using operator overloading
    You want to convert the input, what do you mean? From what to what? What operator are u trying to overload? + operator?

    Oh yeah, post the code you've done so far and welcome to the board
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