Thread: MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 beta 1

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    MS Visual Studio .NET 2005 beta 1

    Can anyone tell me if this beta is usable for programming. I really like the IDE but i don't know if the compiler is still in the beta stage or?

    Basicly, the beta (IDE) works good enough for me but I'm worried if the compiler is "usable".

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    I don't know about the compiler, but you might have some trouble with the linker.
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    Personal experience: Don't. Read the linked thread as to why.

    Honestly? It comes with almost no libraries and is only good for beginner programmers who don't expect to be making Windows GUI applications. To get /any/ functionality, you'd have to install the SDK and configure VS -- Which didn't seem to work at all.

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    The compiler is not in beta.


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    I installed 2005 beta and have had no problem. just make sure you specify the correct path and your off and running.From what I can tell the compiler is the real deal with full optimazation. I have even went through and recompiled some projects from 2003 and have had no probs.

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    Any one tried using that IDE with another MSVC++ compiler?
    What is C++?

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    I had no problem getting windows apps to work. The only real issue I had was that there is no resource editor. So editing dialogs sucks.
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    Hm, thanks for all the answers.
    I had no trouble with the VC++ express beta when I downloaded the SDK with needed headers, but I only tried it a little with win32 console apps so...
    But I really liked the IDE so I'm looking forward to the retail.

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    I have messed around with it too, had a few bug's here and there with the IDE itself, I think it had to deal with hovering over a certian spot and it tried to pop up a message, but poped up an error instead. That didn't crash it though, so it seems to be holding up alright in beta.

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