Thread: Operator overloading question

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    Operator overloading question

    I have a class written, and i need to overload the operator + for it, so it just sums everything up really.

    Folder f1;
    //[0] = "name"
    //[0] = "post"
    //both arrays have more space
    Folder f2;
    //[0] = "name2"
    //[0] = "post2"
    //both arrays have more space.
    Folder f3;
    So i need:

    f3 = f1 + f2;
    So f3 then contains all the info from f1 and f2.

    How do i write that function, i'm lost with unary operator overloading...

    BTW, the variables in the classes are mostly strings with a bool and a double in there.

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    Create a member function called "operator +" which returns an object of the same type as the class, and which receives as a parameter any type that you want.

    class MyClass;
       MyClass operator+(int rValue);
       MyClass operator+(double rValue);
       MyClass operator+(const MyClass& rValue);
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