Thread: should update their tutorials.

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    >Type into a browser and read the tutorials.
    I did. Very carefully in fact. I was surprised that I had to change so little to bring them up to date.

    >As far as I'm concerned, your current information is right there.
    Do you believe everything you hear on the news too?

    >and it's obvious that the content of their tutorials is not a top priority
    The FAQ and community have been top priority, and maintaining them is practically a full time job. Perhaps you should enjoy what you have and be pleasantly surprised when you get more than complaining about what you don't have.

    >How many times have you seen misguided fledgling programmers come to the
    >board using evil, pre-standard constructs
    Quite often, and they're quickly corrected. No harm, no foul.

    >and having no knowledge of a huge portion of the language.
    This is synonymous with being a beginner. Hell, many experienced C++ programmers have no knowledge of a huge portion of the language.

    >and I think it's high time for CProgramming to put a little effort into it as well
    To be perfectly honest, I consider my posts here to be a much higher priority than tutorials. If I find time to work on tutorials, they're for the FAQ. And I'm not nearly as strapped for time as the webmaster is.

    >so some member of CProgramming's staff could respectfully blow me off
    They would tell you that changes are in motion, just like I did. If you call that blowing off then that's your problem.

    >but have paid comparatively very little attention to what should be their top priority.
    The forums have been updated and worked on quite a bit. IMO that's THE top priority, but I'm a little biased.

    All sarcasm aside, I agree that the tutorials are woefully outdated and need to be improved, but I've done all that I can do in implementing those changes and sending them to someone who can add them to the site. There's no point in talking about it, the changes will be made whenever someone can get around to it.

    >can anyone point me to a good tutorial on women
    I could, but you wouldn't understand it.

    >the tutorials need some infomation on how to do a hash table implementation
    That's on my list of articles to write. At the moment I'm still on part 3 of the binary search tree tutorial.
    My best code is written with the delete key.

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    >can anyone point me to a good tutorial on women
    I could, but you wouldn't understand it.
    I'll take my chances

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    >can anyone point me to a good tutorial on women
    I could, but you wouldn't understand it.

    so what you are saying.. is that there is a lot of similarity between women and c++....
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