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    Exclamation Nested classes question...

    hi guys...

    i have a class called Astar and a Node class within it...i have a method readfile() outside the Astar class...I want to now declare a vector of Nodes within readfile() but I get an error: E2451: Undefined symbol Node...i write:

    vector <Node *> VectorOfNodes

    what's the problem?

    Best Regards,


    Here is the structure of the code:

    I am giving the strcutre below...I've removed most of the things so it's easier to understand. The error is in the line: vector <Node *> CityNode; in the method: readfile()

    class Astar

    class Node

    int x;
    int y;




    void readFile()
    vector <Node *> CityNode;

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    >vector <Node *> CityNode;
    You need to tell the compiler that Node is nested in Astar:
    vector <Astar::Node *> CityNode;
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    works!!! thanks a lot...was confused about this for 2 forum ever!
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