Thread: Internal working of this code...

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    Internal working of this code...

    Well consider i have a structure as follows

    struct list{
    struct list *next[5];

    now while adding new elements...

    previous->next[i]=new struct list;

    this will create a list and so on.. beofre the above statement previous->next[i] was equal to NULL... now consider I have a function as follows

    void function(struct *list)
    //this function will further build a tree below list
    list=new struct list //and so on
    list->next[i]=new struct list; //etc etc etc
    now calling where previous->next[i] is NULL
    when the above is done the previous node holds no information of the tree below unless I pass the function with a pointer already pointing to a structure... why is this.... I know i have not explained things clearly but feel free to ask questions ........

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    One solution is a pointer to a pointer.

    void function(Structlist **pPreviousList)


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