Thread: Win32 tetris game problem

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    Question Win32 tetris game problem

    hi, im in the middle of making a tetris game program, but am having a few problems:-

    1) I'm having difficulty showing the bitmaps in my win32 program...

    2) I'm having a problem making the bitmaps rotate by ninety degrees when you press a button, in both directions...

    3) I'm having a problem because the bitmaps tend to fall "though" each other after the first few have fallen, the rest carrying on falling when they should stop because of the others beneath them...

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    Here's a design that I, and many others, have used.

    Have a cell class/struct. Then make a board class which has x by y cells. The cells can either be occupied or not. Then create each tetris piece by making 3x3 cell arrays. Then set which cells are visible and which aren't. For rotating, you'll just have to rotate the array itself, and the piece is automatically rotated.

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