Thread: Calling Default Constructor

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    Calling Default Constructor

    If I create my own class, MyClass and then declare it my code as follows:

    MyClass mc;
    Is it guaranteed to call its default constructor?

    Or should I declare the following to be safe:

    MyClass mc();
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    Yes, it will call the constructor with no arguments or the one will all default arguments.

    >>MyClass mc();
    This declares a function "mc" that returns MyClass and takes void.


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    C++ supports both styles. This because this version:

    MyClass mc();

    can also be a function prototype. Sometimes the compiler cant distinguish between a default construction and a function prototype and gives an error.

    Consider this:

    class A

    A a();

    int main()

    Is a a global object or a function declaration returning A and taking no params? For this case you can do this.

    A a;

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