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    Downloading header files

    I'm not really sure if this is a stupid question or not but, is there a place where you can download C++ header files? I need glaux.h which did not come with dev-cpp (maybe in one of the updates), and i was just wondering if there was a site that you can just download the header files from. Maybe it has to be incorporated into the compiler or something, i don't know, but any help would be appreciated. I'm sure i could get it from VS but it's a 2 GB install which i don't feel like doing!

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    Well, im not sure where you can get glaux (I would google for you but im too lazy).

    But I would suggest forgetting it. I am assuming you want it for texture loading. And trust me, there are better ways. has some replacement code for the glaux.

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    Yeah, I also strongly suggest against using glaux. Every function glaux performs has been done better by a different library.

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    You also need the libs compatible with your OS and compiler, not just the header files.
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