Thread: SOCKET Error In mysql.h

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    SOCKET Error In mysql.h

    This is the error I get when I try compiling my mysql test program. There were no errors in my program, but in the mysql.h header file. Here are the errors:

    File C:\Dev-Cpp\include\MySQL\mysql.h,
    Line 116 'SOCKET' is used as a type, but is not defined as a type.
    Line 180 `SOCKET' was not declared in this scope.
    Line 180 C:\Dev-Cpp\include\MySQL\mysql_com.h syntax error before `,' token.

    Here is the header file line 116 (opened with Dev-C++)

      my_socket fd;					/* For Perl DBI/dbd */
    Here is the header file line 180 (opened with Dec-C++)

    int my_connect(my_socket s, const struct sockaddr *name, unsigned int namelen,
    	       unsigned int timeout);
    The whole header file is too long, so if you need it, I will send it to you. Any help is much appreciated.

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    I have tried and given up with trying to code MySQL programs in Dev C++. I scoured the web for solution ages ago but closest I got was a solution that gave more errors from If you do succeed in getting yours to work, please let me know. I would be very grateful.
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    Well, this, I think, isn't the official MySQL++ from (and no I didn't get it from I think this is something like it. None of the header files in the MySQL++ Documentation and Source Examples match the ones that I have. I could be wrong, I don't know.

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