Thread: prompt for pressing "enter"

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    prompt for pressing "enter"

    I need to stop the output till one presses the <ENTER> key.
    well , with BASIC I used to do this:
    DO WHILE INKEY$ = ""
    with c++ , under DOS one could use
    #include <stdlib.h>
    #include <stdio.h>
    int main()
    system ("pause");
    return 0;
    but since I switched to Linux (and Kdevelop) all the old stuff is of no use.

    another question: when I put a prompt with the cin >> something ; function how can I trap errors (eg a charachter instead of an int) ?

    Stefano Jodice

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    You could take everything as an array of characters and then on each check each character

    bool CheckForInt(char[10])
    for(int i=10; i<10; i++)
    if ((int(char[i])<58)&&(int(char[i])>47)){return TRUE;}

    return FALSE;

    assuming you aren't going above ten digits

    numeric chars are between the values 48-57

    I guess you'd probably call that function in a do while condition the encloses the input promting so that it continually prompts until the user puts in a integer value

    Somehow you'd have to convert it back to a number though.

    There's probably a better way to do it.
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