Thread: Noobie <-- alittle help /w compiler

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    Talking Noobie <-- alittle help /w compiler

    Hello everyone this is my first post on these boards hopefully many more to follow. I have never programmed before I've always wanted to and now I plan on learning. I went to the public library and picked up a book called C++ Programming "for the absolute beginner". Well in the book they reference code warrior a bunch. I couldn't find a free version of the program so I'm going to need another compiler. So my question is whats the best C++ compiler? And what else do I need?
    keep hereing directX references to SDK and to be honest I don't know what the hell SDK is, I supose I'll drop by the microsoft site and read up. Anyways thanks for your time.

    Info: I want to learn to write so I can program complex multiplayer games, and clients for the games.

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    And if I was going to drop a few bucks what compiler would I want to payfor?

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    Here is some info on compilers:LINK.
    Favorite Quote:

    >For that reason someone invented C++.
    BLASPHEMY! Begone from my C board, you foul lover of objects, before the gods of C cast you into the void as punishment for your weakness! There is no penance for saying such things in my presence. You are henceforth excommunicated. Never return to this house, filthy heretic!

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    Compiler post from a little while back

    On a side note...

    Is there any way to search a person's post for key words and if, for example, you find the words: new to c++, compiler, which one...etc, it automatically redirects them to one of the other millions of posts about it?

    oh, and SDK isn't a compiler

    SDK=Software Development Kit

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    I would strongerly sugets geting dev-cpp!

    I use it, and it is very easy to use and very "noob" freidly.

    And it is free!

    Edit: Here is a direct link to the dev-cpp download page...
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