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    Program skipping some input

    Hey all,

    I recently started learning C++ off the tutorials on this site and they are great. I've started making my own simple program which takes in information and trying to make it display it in a structured format. I first used int name, and int alias. When i ran the program it would work fine but when it came to cin>>name; and cin>>alias; it would close the program because the user was inputting letters and instead of numbers. So i changed some stuff around and this is what i have so far.

    #include <iostream.h>
    #include <string.h>
    int main()
    char name[50], alias[50], filename[50];
    int age;
    int yearsexp;
    int yesorno;
    cout<<"Please enter your real name: ";
    cin.getline(name, 50, '\n');
    //Gets Name

    cout<<"Please enter your age: ";
    //Gets Age

    cout<<"How long have you been playing in years: ";
    //Gets years

    cout<<"Whats your in-game name: ";
    cin.getline(alias, 50, '\n');
    //Gets In-Game Name

    cout<<"This is all the info you have entered"<<endl;
    cout<<"Years Playing:"<<yearsexp<<endl;
    //Displays information inputted from user

    cout<<"Is this information correct? Press 1(Yes) or 2(No) then enter: ";

    cout<<"Please enter a 1-word name for the info to be saved in: ";
    cin.getline(filename, 50, '\n');
    cout<<"Cannot save file "<<filename<<endl;
    //Added the "Cannot save file" msg to inform user it cant do anything yet

    else if(yesorno==2)
    cout<<"Please restart program";
    //Loop function not implemented yet

    return 0;

    Excuse the untidyness. I compile and build the program just fine. But when i run it (via msdos) it takes in name part, then the age, years playing... and then "skips" the ALIAS part and goes right into the "do you want to save" part, if i pick yes it "skips" the filename part and closes the program.

    Could someone tell me why is it doing this? And if possible explain it in a way a beginner would understand.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!

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    Your mixing of getline and cin is the cause of the problem here. After you enter the age using cin and press the enter key, cin converts the numbers entered and stores them into age however it leaves the newline/enter character in the input buffer. This newline character is read in by the next getline statement and you program is thinking that you pressed enter at this point to skip entering in anything for the alias. You can try putting cin.ignore(80,'\n'); after the cin statement and I think that should eat up any trailing newline characters. This happens again where you cin the yesorno varaible and then use getline on the filename.
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    I did what you said and it works perfectly!

    Thank you!

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