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    Tracing in Unix

    Hi everyone...

    Did u guys have any idea on how to trace a specific application in term of number of mouse clicks....keystrokes pressed...?

    Any C/C++ library that might help?

    Url link or sample code will be lot more helpful.....

    Thank you....

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    strace is the command line tool to trace a program
    ptrace is the programming interface to do pretty much the same
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    Hi Salem,

    Thanks for the reply....
    I've a look at the ptrace and strace....
    i also try to find some example that actually do the ptrace...
    But as far as i know...ptrace only able to trace something like how many system call being is the frequency..etc

    But i don't think it can trace how many keystrokes have been pressed or how many mouse clicks so far......

    Any idea?

    Thank you.....

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