Thread: I need help getting started with Borland C++ Builder

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    I need help getting started with Borland C++ Builder

    I've downloaded the Compiler and Enterprise Trial, and installed them, but none of them leaves any startup files. I can't start the builder.

    What am I missing?

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    Here is a link for borland set up. It's easier than it looks..

    It is a command line compiler.. To compile your program.. all you is type C: MySource\ bcc32 program.cpp

    *Notce.. you have to be in the same directory as your .cpp file.

    Also, Borland needs to "see" your directory... so if you try to compile and it says someting like, "bcc32 not found" Then all you need to do is set a path from your borland directory to the directory with your .cpp file. Try using this example:

    Enter this from the directory with your .cpp file

    set path="c:\borland\BCC55\bin"

    This let's borland see the directory where your .cpp is located. Now all you have to do is just make and save a .cpp file to this directory... now you should be able to use the bcc32 command to compile your shizzle.

    I like to create my code in MSVC.. but when it comes time to compile.. I like to use borland. Plus, I think it is good experience to be able to survive in the command line environemnt. Lastly, you can show off in front of all your friends by being able to compile from command line.

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    >It is a command line compiler.

    BCB Builder is IDE driven (although you can use the DOS command line if you want to). It is Borland C++ which is command line only.

    I've got both BCB5 and BCB6 (I prefer 5). I recall I had some minor install problems with BCB5 as it wasn't written with XP in mind, but BCB 6 installed as cleanly as anything.

    You must have missed something simple (but vexing) with your installation. There should be a folder under program files called 'Borland C++ Builder 6' which contains the startup links.
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