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    Angry Please help this DUMMY

    Please help this dummy..... I downloaded two compilers - Borland 5.5 and Bloodshed 4.0 both C++. I need someone please to guide me step by step by step, (If you would be kind enough to), so I can begin programming in C++. I need help from the point of turning on my computer.

    I am to the point of paying someone to assist me.

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    First of all, give me the $. JK. Go to the following site, Then, when you want to actually write a program, open the bloodshed compiler, open a new project under file, and choose empty project. From there you can start writing.

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    He has a period stuck to the end and missing the 0, try this

    Corrected link

    If you have any more problems come back, be specific about it to.
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