Thread: How do you add Graphics?

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    How do you add Graphics?

    Ive written a game like the old Vic20 Blitz Game where you are a bird that glides across a screen dropping eggs onto a forest to clear a path to land.

    Only thing is, my bird is 2 A's i.e. AA my forest is all # and my eggs are the * character.

    Whils the game runs ok, I want to change the standard ascII characters into graphics. so the AA is a graphic of a bird etc.

    What is the best way of doing this?

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    You will need some sort of graphics library. Options are....
    1) Allegro.... never used it but plenty rave about it.
    2) OpenGl ... excellent for 3d work. Not so good for 2d work but it is portable.
    3) DirectX .... only for windows and requires some knowledge of win32 api.
    4) Win32 GDI API. The least powerful but the easiest to start with.You will need to learn some win32 api code. There are many tutorials on the web.Programming windows by charles petzold is the best book to learn from. Once you know some of the api and can create windows,write messaging loops and know how to respond to the messages your app gets then you know enough to progress to directx.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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