Thread: c++ strings. input validation

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    c++ strings. input validation

    I have this problem in my program! I need a function that fixes the input. If the string has white characters at the beginning. For example : if s=" hello" , i want to fix the string to be : "hello". I made this function fix_input but it seems to have a problem. Any ideas??

    Thank you

    void fix_input(string &s)
    string tmp;
    int i=0;

    while (' ')



    int main()
    string input;


    if (' ')


    return 0;

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    What problem is it having? That information would help...

    If it is crashing or throwing an exception, it is because you go past the end of the string when you call at(i) with i = s.length(). Your loop should be while(i < s.length()) not while(i <= s.length()).

    Also, don't forget to include header files in your posted code, so it is easier for others to quickly copy your code and build it themselves.

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    grrrrr!! I'm stupid!! Thank you jlou!! That was the problem!! And I swear that, this was the first thing i checked!! Thank you again.

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