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    Question A little bi of help if it's ok...

    Hello everyone. I'm new and i'm trying to figure out which one i click on the compiler Digital mars. ( i think that's what it's called) There are a bunch of programs on it and i clicked the one named Men. Is that the right one to click? Also, how can you test your programming with this program.. thank you everyone.

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    It depends on what operating system you are using and what exactly you want to download. If you are looking for a C++ compiler and are using Windows (the most likely combination from what I can tell) then you will want to go to

    and click on the second link down, "Digital Mars C/C++ Compiler Version 8.40". I would, however, recommend that you choose a different compiler. There are signs all over that site about the compiler having some issues and not being complete. Dev-C++ is very good for beginners, and it is also free. You'll find some information about it in the compilers page on this site, right next to the page about Digital Mars compilers.

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    Some comments and suggestions.

    Sorry, I don't use Digital Mars so I can't answer your question directly.

    Don't give-up an a particular compiler too easily. I've used several different compilers (mostly obscure C compilers), and they have never worked as expected on the first try. It always takes (at least) a few hours to get a compiler installed and configured, and to learn how to use it. And, the documentation that comes with compilers seems to be written for experienced programmers. You don't get step-by-step instructions how to make a "Hello World" program.

    I have actually read some positive things about Digitial Mars, but I can't remember exactly what I read. If you can't get it working in a half-day or so, or you decide to try a different compiler, I'd recommend trying something more popular. It's always good to start-out with a popular compiler, so that you can find someone to help you. The Bloodshed Dev-C++ package recommended by sean_mackrory is quite popular. Borland also has a very popular free compiler, but it is a command-line compiler-only. (It's not a Windows GUI program, and it doesn't come with an editor.) There is a good list of free compilers at Of course, the most popular compiler/IDE of all is Microsoft Visual C++ (which is what I use most of the time).

    If your budget is limited, start-out with a free compiler, and spend your money on books!

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