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    clearing arrays

    just a quick one!

    How do u clear an array of all its data? ive just got random stuff in and i cant get rid of it!

    heres my structure

    class book {
    	//starting the class
    	struct detail {
    	//structure start
    	char name[20];
        char authors[20];
    	char ISBN[20];
    	char publisher[20];
    	char cdrom[20];
    	char year[20];
    	char price[20];
    	//fields in structure
    void enter(int);
    void finding(void);
    void open(int);
    void findnme(void);
    void findauth(int);
    void findpub(int);
    void findyear(int);
    void findcd(int);
    	//defining things in base class for the search function
    thanks in advance! im sure its simple but i cant see it!

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    char string[80];
    for (int i = 0, i < 80, i++)
        string[i] = ' ';
    This fills the string with spaces - you could put any character you want in between the single quotes. You might use nulls ( '\0' ).

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    where would this go? with the rest of the char's? or after np[MAX]?

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    It's code. Instructions. You just do it somewhere in your code before you use the array. if this structure is global, I would do it at the beginning of your main() function.

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    saved my life!

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    void * memset ( void * buffer, int c, size_t num ); //to initialize a buffer with a specific value.
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