Thread: Help Me Get Started On A program

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    Help Me Get Started On A program

    I have read through a lot of beginner tutorials and can make basic programs.

    A few friends and me play video games online on their private server and I want to create a program to help us communicate to eachother while in the game. We don't have microphones and the ones that do, theirs don't work well.

    If one person presses a button, the program will send information to a server program, which relays that information to everyone that is connected to the server program. Once it relays it to everyone, I am plannning on making it play a .wav (or other format) file that plays "Incoming Right" or "I need Backup."

    I am using Devcpp with mingw compiler(?). So the questions I have are how to get input into the program(so that the game doesn't pick it up), send it to the server, and then have the cleint relay it to the server and the server relay it back to all the client programs. (probaly just a number like 1-255). When the cleints recieve the information it checks the number and plays the the wav that is associated with it to keep it simple. All the wav files will be stored on that persons computer. How would I play a .wav file?

    How would I go about doing this? Thankyou for your time
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    You say you have a basic knowledge of C++, but if I were you I would read a good tutorial on winsock and network programming.
    Take a look at this:

    and this

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    Send me a PM and I'll get back to you when I have more time - I've done a very similar project and can help you out. You need to learn stuff a lot harder than network programming. You're gonna have to do hooks? Haven't heard of them? That should give you a clue.

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