Thread: Getting time and date

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    Getting time and date

    how can i get the time and the date from the pc and store it in variable ???

    eg :

    i wan to assign the current time which is 4.15pm to timex variable and 19/08/2004 which is today's date to datex variable. How i can archieve this ?

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    sfmttime( str, sizeof(str)-1,
    "1) It's %A, %B %d\n", &today );

    I tried using the following function to store the string into str but i got the following error msg

    Message.cpp: In method `TSMessage::TSMessage()':
    Message.cpp:94: implicit declaration of function `int sfmttime(...)'
    make: *** [Message.o] Error 1

    Why does this happend ??

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    > Why does this happend ??
    Because you can't spell strftime properly
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