Thread: Pointer&Array problem

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    Pointer&Array problem

    Im making a little graphics engine, but not much about that in this topic. My problem right now is with pointers and arrays(if you didnt notice)

    I have a Dynamic 3D array, which 'seems' to work, havent gotten an error from it, but I was wondering, because its an array of structs, which is in an array of class's, how would I access it?

    'class[0]->struct[0]->variable'? That was my first guess, but it seems to run errors...

    Also, how would I declare an instance of my class, and would I need to declare my struct?

    Thanks for any help, its my first time working with an array of structs/class's

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    Show how you declare and initialise these structures / arrays
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    Thumbs up

    this topic looks kinda good.. i look forward to seeing some code
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    My interpretation of a 3D array of structs which is in an array of classes
    struct Enigma
    	int color;
    	int shade;
    class holdingClass
    	 Enigma enigmaArray[10][10][10];
    holdingClass game[10];
    if game and enigmaArray are declared with static memory as above then to access a given Enigma member in game you would do this:


    if enigma is declared using dynamic memory, but game uses static memory, then:


    if both enigma and game are declared using dynamic memory then:


    It gets a little more complicated if game or enigmaArray are declared with private access, but it's still doable.

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    Ok heres some code:
    //In class:
    struct tile ***iso_map;
    //Declaring 3D array of structs:
    **iso_map=new int[map_height]; //dynamically declare 3D array
    for (int a=0; a<map_height; a++) {
        *iso_map[a]=new int[map_width];
        for (int b; b<map_width; b++) {
            iso_map[a][b]=new int[map_length];
    //Above class:
    class map *maps;
    //Declaring map(only 1 right now):
    maps=new class[1];
    Thats what is there right now, split alot of course cause its like 250 lines of code

    After looking at your stuff, there seems to be a better way to declare the array of class's, but the problem is that Im using a header file to declare the maps and such, and they arent at the top of the file(need to be below class and struct) Im starting to think that I should change it to file i/o now instead of later? I think that might fix. Ill go through my code, fix it up, and try posting more later.
    Until then, you guys try to help

    Edit: Heres the last error'd line, annoying one it is. Gives me a few things to ask, but first the code:
    draw_sprite(buffer, (BITMAP *)tiles[maps[0].iso_map[z][x][y].tilename].dat, (maps[0].map_start[0])+(x*(maps[0].map_difference[0])), (maps[0].map_start[1])+(y*(maps[0].map_difference[1]));
    (Long, eh? )
    1. Can you declare what tile in the method I used, or is there a problem in that?
    2. Why does it act like 'tiles' is a function?
    3. Where is the syntax error?(Im guessing the tiles thing)
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