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    Directory & Image program..

    Hi folks,

    I have a lot of pictures (600+), and have to change the dimentions of them, from 1024*768 to 800*600, but I'm having some problems, and need some advise and/or help

    A console program is just fine, so I want it to check the folder the program is in, and then check for files with the extension .jpg/.bmp and then change the dimensions..

    I've considered the header file dir.h and it's functions(not use the header file of course ), BUT Microsoft Visual C++ 6 doesn't have the header file, is it possible to grab it from another compiler or does somebody have a better idea, to check the folder for files?? And if your suggesting dir.h and if your want, I would be happy if you would show me a little example.. I'm not that good at C++ yet

    And on to my last problem, how do I change the image dimentions, I haven't found anything on changing that, so if would like some feedback on that to, if anybody knows how

    All kind of help is appreciated very much

    -//Marc Poulsen -//MipZhaP

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    I don't think you can change the images resolution because I have been told that you can't even OPEN images in C++. Someone might suggest ios::bin, F-I/O but I think this would have to be done in windows.h.
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    On other solutions to the problem

    On downloading other compiler's headers

    On traversing directories
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    I like Advanced Batch Converter for stuff like this. I once had to convert 770 png's to bmp's. This utility saved a ton of time.
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    I use this script for image resizing:
    Const MAX_WIDTH  = 800
    Const MAX_HEIGHT = 600
    Set ImgIn = CreateObject("WIA.ImageFile")
    Set IP    = CreateObject("WIA.ImageProcess")
    Set FSO   = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
    IP.Filters.Add IP.FilterInfos("Scale").FilterID
    IP.Filters(1).Properties("MaximumWidth").Value = MAX_WIDTH
    IP.Filters(1).Properties("MaximumHeight").Value = MAX_HEIGHT
    IP.Filters(1).Properties("PreserveAspectRatio").Value = True
    For i = 0 To (WScript.Arguments.Count - 1)
    	ImgIn.LoadFile WScript.Arguments(i)
    	If (ImgIn.Width > MAX_WIDTH Or ImgIn.Height > MAX_HEIGHT) Then
    		IP.Apply(ImgIn).SaveFile FSO.GetParentFolderName(WScript.Arguments(i)) & "\" & _
    	             "resize_" & FSO.GetFileName(WScript.Arguments(i))
    		ImgIn.SaveFile FSO.GetParentFolderName(WScript.Arguments(i)) & "\" & _
    	             "resize_" & FSO.GetFileName(WScript.Arguments(i))
    	End If
    You'll need Windows XP and the free Windows® Image Acquisition Automation Library.
    Save as a text file with .vbs as the file extension.
    Drag desired files onto it.
    It will handle BMP, JPEG, TIFF, GIF and PNG.

    For use of WIA in C++, see this WIA sample.
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    Thx, I'll take a look of what you've posted

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