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    code seperation

    i was wondering if someone could seperate this code into sections that i could put into different files.
    My program is quite long, and i dont want to keep all the classes in one file.
    Could someone help me seperate it like..
    Printable class file
    Printable header file
    Person Class file
    Person header file
    Main file
    i think this would be the best way to seperate my one big file..

    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class Printable
        virtual ~Printable( ) { }
        virtual void print( ostream & out = cout ) const = 0;
    class Person : public Printable, public Serializable
        void print( ostream & out = cout ) const
          { out << "printing a Person" << endl; }
    int main()
         Person p;

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    maybe this faq entry can help you a bit

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