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    Graphic programming

    Ive been trying the graphic programming tutorials on the site, but Im having problem with the assembly code stuff, my compiler just keeps saying its undeclared, and I know nothing about assembly so I dont know how I could fix it Is there a header I have to include?

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    If you are using Dev-C++ you're gonna have a hard time trying to use inline assembly. Here is a little example I found (I haven't tested it myself).
    Dev-C++ uses AT&T syntax, although there is a way to make it use intel: add -masm=intel to the compiler options (I think it sometimes causes linker errors though)

    When I tried to use assembly before, however, I had to use a weird syntax for declaring variables. I dug this up:
    static USHORT* video_buffer __asm__("asm_buf") = (USHORT *)ddsd.lpSurface;
    // draw the gradient
    for (int index_y=0; index_y < SCREEN_HEIGHT; index_y++)
         // build color word up
         static DWORD color __asm__("asmcolor") = _RGB16BIT565(0,(index_y >> 3),0);
         // replicate color in upper and lower 16 bits of 32-bit word 
         color = (color) | (color << 16);
         // now color has two pixel in it in 16.16 or RGB.RGB format, use a DWORD
         // or 32-bit copy to move the bytes into the next video line, we'll need
         // inline assembly though...
         // draw next line, use a little inline asm baby!
             "les edi, [asm_buf];"
             "mov eax, [asmcolor];"
             "mov ecx, 640;"
             "shr ecx, 1;"
             "rep stosd;"
         // now advance video_buffer to next line
         video_buffer += (ddsd.lPitch >> 1);
         } // end for index_y
    With the intel syntax option, and I think that one compiled for me. Anyways if you aren't using Dev-C++ then I just wasted my time...darn...
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    Ya, I use Dev-C++. And I dont understand the funny syntax for the AT&T one Whats a good free compiler that would compile the stuff I find in that tutorial?

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    Here Ill post what Im trying in one(decided to use dev, didnt feel like changing)

    void SetMCGA() {
        __asm("mov %ax, 0x0013");
        __asm("geninterrupt, 0x10"); //error line
    Note sure if the first line is right, but it accepts it. The second one was supposed to be the geninterrupt, but I dont know how to do it.

    Oh and, if you dotn mind, can anyone describe the basic assembler commands for this? Im guessing(guessing... lol) that mov is kinda like a 'set' command, but I dont know what any of it does. And if you do mind it, mind saying where I can find a tutorial?

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    The tutorial you are looking at is rather old. The techniques offered are unlikely to work with a modern Windows compiler as they are targeted at DOS.
    I offer these tutorials more as a relic of programming lore than a serious study in how to program graphics in todays environment; nonetheless, if you are searching for C++ DOS graphics, these tutorials may be helpful. They are written by Grant Smith, aka Denthor of Asphyxia.
    If you want to perform graphics in Windows you have several choices:
    • GDI
    • OpenGL
    • DirectX (as used in JaWiB's post)
    • SDL
    • Other third party libraries

    If you want to continue with the tutorial you will probably need a DOS compiler.

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    I would advise if you intend to learn opengl. Thats the best site for beginners IMO.


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