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    Thumbs up Hi Its my first time using this

    hello !!!
    Im so interested in C++ Im a begginer in programming in C++
    I would apreciate any comments or suggestions or what you recommed to do to get more, you know , I start in front the pc making little programs so simple , but I want more, so please If u wanna tell me something this is the time,
    thx in advantge.

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    Read other peoples homework posted on this board, and try and figure out an answer for yourself.
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    Are you using a book?

    Most beginning C++ books will get you to the point where you can do more extensive programs.

    Once you know the basics, you can start on a project of your choice... some program you want to write... something you're interested in.

    C++ is a complex language, and there is a lot to learn. And, there's even more to learn when you're ready to go beyond standard C++ ...GUI programming, networking/internet/communication, multimedia, etc., etc., etc.

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    Hey, I learned DOS then win32 API myself, here is some links
    learn basics&much more
    when you feel you are ready for win32 (and knows the basic) this one is good

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    Start small and follow a plan.

    It can be hard trying to learn c++. Things that make it complecated for me is, what I know how to do vs what I want to do. I want to learn how to program anything that my heart desires and I want to know how to do it now. But it is just not possible. Take your time. I found myself rushing through learning arrays and functions only to find out that I didn't really understand how to use them. So now any projects that I had planed to do are postponed untill I relearn arrays and functions.

    There are a lot of good books to help you get a long in learning the language. There are a lot of threads that give book reviews, just search for them. I suggest you have at least two different books, one advanced and one begginer. This, I think, will help you better understand how to use the language.

    Keep your code clean, clear and up to standards and you should do fine. This board is an execlent place to get a lot of information. I hope you enjoy learning the language as much as I am.

    It's a long journey to learn how to do anything with the language so be prepared to actually take time to really learn and study the language.
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    After you have a good grasp of the fundamentals including syntax and aspects of inheritance and templates I would suggest getting a book on data structures and also the C++ standard library.

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    Now I am reading this book:
    C++ Programming: Program Design Including Data Structures, Second Edition

    and I think it's very good for us newbie.
    this is site:

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