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    array of structures

    help, anyone???

    i have a linked list containing strings (names), but what i need is an array of linked lists. i know that the array would have max of 20 elements (0-1)

     vector <string> nameList(20);
    gives me one list of 20 elements, but i need 20 lists of x elements.

    how could i go about this??

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    You want an array of vectors containing strings.
    vector<string> nameListArray[20];

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    Or ...
    std::vector<std::list<std::string> > nameListArray(20);
    That should create a vector (array) of 20 empty lists that can hold strings. To add a string to a list, just push it back onto the list at the appropriate index. For example, this code adds a string to the fifth list in the array:
    nameListArray[4].push_back("Mayce Edward");

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