Thread: Linked List and Nodes

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    Linked List and Nodes

    linked list class
    class LinkedList {
            LinkedList(); // constructor
            ~LinkedList(); //destructor
            Node * headPtr; //wont let me do this why ???
    node class
    class Node {
            ~Node(); //destructor
            Node* nextPtr;
            int item;
    im trying to make a linked list. not sure if this is the correct way.
    basically i have a headPtr that points to the head of hte list. But i cant seem to define it in LInkedlist.h.
    I want to define it there because all the funcitons in LinkedList.cpp need to modify/read the items in the linked list..

    not too sure how to do this.. if anyone could help thanks heaps

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    Your LinkedList class needs to know what a Node is. Use a #include to include Node.H (or whatever you are calling it) in LinkedList.H and it should work.
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    or u can define 'class node' at first then 'class linkedlist' .

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