Thread: problems with passing ostream variable

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    problems with passing ostream variable

     string str;
                    if (x.animalType()==2 || x.animalType()==3)
                            str = std::cerr;
                    x.print(str.c_str()) << endl;
    and hte function is...
    ostream& animals::print(ostream& stream = cout) const {

    what im trying to do is, read from a file, and if its a dog or a cat, then it'll print out to the error stream.
    and if its any other animal then it'll print out to standard output (cout)

    any help why this code wont work?

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    Didn't we just do this in another thread?
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    Your variable str is a string, but then you try to assign the cerr stream to it. That won't work. Normally, you might have a variable and assign cout or cerr to it as appropriate. In this case, that variable would have to be a reference to ostream, so it is a little more sloppy because you cannot assign to a reference, only initialize it with something. I would suggest something like this:
    if (x.animalType()==2 || x.animalType()==3)
        x.print(std::cerr) << endl;
        x.print(std::cout) << endl;
    or this:
    ostream& stream = (x.animalType()==2 || x.animalType()==3) ? std::cerr : std::cout;
    x.print(stream) << endl;

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