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    Extreme noobism

    Alright here's the deal. I'm new to this scene, and I need to talk to a person not a manual or guidebook. Not some internet tutorial. What i am trying to do it make one of those the letter a = b, letter b = c, "Spy" decoder type translation thingies... (Hope that makes sense) Problem is: I have no idea how >.<. Any suggestions on what to do and how to do it? Thx in advance! (I can research HOW to do things, problem lies in not knowing exactly what it is I need to research -.-;; )

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    So I guess what you mean is you want to create a simple Caesar encryption program. What you need to research is basic C++ program flow, file input/output, and array syntax. The aproximate program flow would be something like this:

    1. Open the file to be encrypted, and load the contents into an array.
    2. Loop through the array and modify each letter how you wish, ie, you could move each letter to the right, so 'a' would become 'b', 'b' would become 'c', etc.
    3. Write the contents to a file.

    I guess you don't know any C++, so that's where you have to start. Have a look at this tutorial.
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    You say a decoder. So if you you typed a, it would show b, or if you type b, it would show c? And would it open a file, as the above post stated?
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