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    Angry Random Numbers

    Hey all,

    Before you go flipping on me, I _HAVE_ read the FAQ and I _HAVE_ got my random numbers to work. I just don't understand what part of the random command.

    Heres the syntax:
    rand( ) % 100

    Now I understand that, that picks a number between 0 - 99, but what is the "%", what does it do and where else can it be used?

    Thanks for the help =)
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    % is said called modulus
    It is used to get the remander of a number.

    4%2=0 four divided by two with a remander of zero
    100%3=33333333 one-hundred divided by 3 with a remander of 333333333

    Make sence?

    Can anyone better explane this........
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    Ummm 100 divided by three does not have a remainder of 33333333. The entire answer is 33 remainder 1. Just making a correction for you. =)
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