Thread: How long will it take to get good at c++?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sean_mackrory
    JScript sounds to me like a scripting language, and I haven't found them to be much use other than web design and small personal jobs ( a bit like batch files). I could be wrong, but I'm also pretty sure that JScript is a .NET only language, and if you're going to subject yourself to the limitations of .NET, you should at least take some of the power and use C# or something, and don't use a very low-power scripting language unless you have to - it has it's uses, but it's not widespread at all.

    I think joeyzt should just stick with what he's doing right now. He's still learning, and I think he's following a suitable and logical path. As far as how long it'll take you to get good at C++, that all depends on how much time you're going to put into it. You've already learned another language, so a lot of the concepts will come easy for you, you just need to be careful that you don't keep bad habits from VB.
    Yea, that's why I'm learning VB after the C++ family.
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    It's like comparing English and Latin. Latin has more advanced grammar, but lacks many useful words that we need today (I know this is only partly true).
    Nice, I think this is true. standard C++ is really aging. No thread support, no standard practical library (like sockets, db etc) and C++ programmers always seem to run into trouble with practical stuff like static member vars in dll's, passing string objects from one dll to another, alignment issues, stuff like that.

    Nevrtheless, I like that kind of stuff and you can always download libraries suited to your particular problem.

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