Thread: creating in a normal window instead of dos

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    creating in a normal window instead of dos

    i would like to know how to make a file so that it runs in like a normal window (like most software) dos is really annoying and im not sure which one to use. i am using microsift c++ 5.0 professional too if that matters.
    any help is greatly appreciated:)

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    you have to use the win32 api try this site to learn how to program using the api.
    Win32 Tutorial
    make sure you understand c or c++ pretty well or you'll have trouble

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    There are other libraries available that you could use as well (such as Qt, gtk, etc), but you really should have a good understanding of basic C++ first (without the intricacies). WinAPI has a lot of its own peculiarities to deal with, and Qt as its own peculiar setup. Also, if you are really getting into C++, I would suggest upgrading your compiler VC .NET as well as G++ (Dev-C++) are both very good about conforming to the current C++ standard.

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    You may also want to try a Visual compiler to make things even easier, but I recommend learning one of the recommendations above so you have an understanding of how it works further under the skin.

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