Thread: Linux or Windows for devolping C++ ?

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    Why not give both a try?

    Nothing says you can't install a dual boot system with both linux and windows then you can boot and use whichever suits your fancy. That is what I have been doing. Actually I have 2 computers one with linux and the other with windows. But you can put both on the same computer and use a boot loader to choose at start up.
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    C++ Borland BuilderX for Linux/Solaris platform sucks!!! I have tried it. There is no GUI builder that you can find in Windows version. Borland guyz from newsgroups told me that for Linux/Solaris platform C++ Borland BuilderX is just technology preview. So don't use this IDE. Wait until mature. Kylix sucks too!!!! It takes forever to load.

    So use fancy editor like Vim, or JEdit or XEmacs.....
    or use IDE like eclipse with plugin, netbeans with plugin, kdevelop, or anjuta....

    Both Windows and Linux rock!!!!! But I use only Linux.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by big146
    So how many of you actualy develop on a Linux machine? Is it worth it or should I just stick with a windows enviroment for ease.
    my current job is Solaris which is a unix variety. Linux programming is very, very similar. You use X and Xt calls on both.

    My last job was Windows with Visual Studios. Windows SDK is probably more difficult. You just have to get used to the lack of a Visual studios type ide on the *nix side.
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