Thread: VC++6 or VC++7(aka.NET)?

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    VC++6 or VC++7(aka.NET)?

    I've just tried the Microsoft express version of VC++.NET my first experience of .NET and .NET seems fairly different to VC++6.

    Is this like learning a whole new launguage and is .NET the way to the future?


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    VC++ .NET is still basically C++, but with .NET integration thrown in. .NET is a framework that all the .NET languages (such as C# .NET and J# .NET) comply to, and gives programmers the ability to combine modules from each language. Google it to find more, I'm sure there are plenty of tutorials out there.

    Is it the way to the future? For Windows, the answer is most likely yes. As I see it, it will streamline the development process by allowing extensive inter-language programming. However, you should focus on learning the languages themselves first, instead of jumping ahead and attempting to use .NET.
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    Go with the latest VC++ compiler .NET 2003. MS tried to make it 98% C++ compliant.


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    One of the other changes that I have found great in .NET is that all the languages share the same set of functions. Instead of having to learn PRINT in basic, printf in C, cout in C++, and Console.Write() for Java, now every language ported to .NET can use Console.WriteLine(). It makes learning a new language VERY easy to. You just need to know the grammar!

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    FYI: the express version is the beta for 8 actually. It is a bit different than the current .NET

    I like it. And I am someone who used VC6 for a couple years professionally. So its not so different that you just won't be able to use it effectively.

    I hope they add a resource editor to the express version eventually. Its the only thing that really bothers me at the moment. Downloading the platform SDK separately was no big issue.
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