Thread: How do i read from ini?

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    #include <windows.h>
    #include <string>
    	static int INI_BUFFER_SIZE = 512;
    	string section = "Section Name";
    	string key = "Key Name";
    	string def = "Value if Key is not Found";
    	string file = "Path to the INI file.";
    	char* temp = new char[INI_BUFFER_SIZE];
    	GetPrivateProfileString( section.c_str(), key.c_str(), def.c_str(), temp, INI_BUFFER_SIZE, file.c_str());
    	//temp contains the value from the ini file, do something with it.
    	delete [] temp;
    MSDN contains a good description of the function.

    You could allways write your own text parser to read the info.

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    thanks a ton Eber Kain!

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    Quote Originally Posted by GuardianBarak
    im making a bot for a game i play and i need the thing to read the ini file and get the AccountName then put it in then get AccountPass and put it in then the CharacterLocation..
    Is this by any chance for Diablo II? (sorry for the off-topic post) If it is I think root's bot is open source now (I could be wrong) - have a look at that.

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    yeah its for diablo ii ill go have a look at it

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