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    C++ Newbie Help

    Hello everyone, I am new to these boards and to C++ programming in general. I am 15 years and have had previous experience in Flash MX Programming. I have taken 2 course and finished on book on Flash MXs' prograaming language. Since I have finished this book and am seeking a profession of being a programmer I have decided to go out and look for a C++ book. After looking through a few at my local bookstore I found a book called Practical C++ which looked quite good. It was also published by Que who also published the previous book that I used which I found to be excellent. So I am considering buying that. I am also looking for a complier and text editior. I was considering using the free borland complier at thier website. Anyway to finish up I was interested in help with the following areas.

    1. Is this book that I am looking at any good? (In your opinion)
    2. Should I use the Boreland complier and does it feature a built in text editor?
    3. Is the normal C++ language used for game programming in the games industry?

    Thank you for all of your help

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    If you go here, you can read through hundreds of reviews of programming books and find if they are recommended or not.
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    I can't really help with question 1.

    However question 2 kind of depends on which download your talking about (there are a number of options on the Borland site). There are a number of downloads that Borland offer. Generally a good clue is to check the size of the download, if your talking tens/hundreds of meg. It probably has an IDE (Your text editor and such). If not, it is smaller, such as the 8.5 MB compiler download they offer, it is probably just the compiler itself and you will have to provide your own editor.

    As for question 3 - thats a deceptively tricky one. I have done some work in the Games Industry and this is what I have learnt. C++ is the most common programming language that is required. That said, if you are good at any language and can show that you write really good and clever software (particularly game oriented), you will likely be given a job.

    Also - it is often necesary to have other skills. Most developers (those that are developing graphically intensive applications on consoles for example) would like Maths and or Physics knowledge. The other one that always seems to stump me is Assembly. I walked into one interview with a C++ demo that was actually pretty cool, they put that to the side and asked me if I would be happy writing a dynamic music subsystem in Assembly for the PS2. So there is no hard and fast rules. Just start writing games - being skillful in a language is great, but don't imagine for a second that anyone language is the answer to being a games programmer. You may go in proficient in one, and come out proficient in another. Just enjoy making games and ensure you actually write some.

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    >1. Is this book that I am looking at any good? (In your opinion)
    I haven't given the book a full review (much less read it for a few years) but the author does like to use void main, which should raise warning flags. For a first C++ book I always recommend "Accelerated C++" by Koenig and Moo. It gets you started on the right track.

    >2. Should I use the Boreland complier and does it feature a built in text editor?
    I haven't had any problems with it, but it does not come with a text editor. If you want a free IDE with a good compiler, Bloodshed's Dev-C++ is very nice.

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    i have to agree with Robc. Accelerated C++ was a good book. It can be quite confusing at first but if you practice with it and just ask questions you can get through it. And as always one book is never going to give you everything you need to know. You can get the basics straight from this site and use books for refrences.
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