Thread: newbie problem, help very apreciated

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    newbie problem, help very apreciated

    im trying to write an "instal" to add to a little program i wrote,
    nothing big, just to learn the basics.. I already figured out
    the menu and how to add to registry but im stuck on 2 things,
    Im looking for the "command" to copy my file to a location, example: if i double
    click "myprogram.exe" that it copy itself to "c:\Program Files\
    My program.. The second problem is how can i make a reboot..
    i tried this code :
    void far (*rebooter)();
    rebooter = (void far *) 0xFFFF0000;
    but it dont work, i think its c.
    (please also tell wich headers and or .lib files i need to include
    i use Dev C++)

    Thanx for the help !

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    Welcome to the forums!

    SHGetSpecialFolderPath - will give you the location of the Program Files directory.
    CopyFile - will copy a file.
    AdjustTokenPrivileges - will enable the privilige required to reboot the computer.
    ExitWindowsEx - will reboot the computer.

    Search the board/web/msdn for samples for all of these.

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    thanx, that was what i needed..

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    Before Quzah gets here and says the same thing: would people please read the Forum rules, use subject lines that don't suggest the oh-so-unlikely possibility that you might be posting because you need help, and use code tags! And welcome to the forums!

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