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    Question Question about going to a technical school

    I'm looking to attend a technical school called the Chubb Institute for business programming in about a month when their next session begins. The reason I've chosen a technical school over regular college is basically that I'm an idiot and decided to work straight out of high school rather than go the college. I'm now 22 and the health insurance I'm on, which happens to be my parents, expires on December 31st no matter whether I'm a full time student or not. Therefore, if I attend Chubb, I can have a certificate in 8 months and begin working as opposed to going to school for 4 years(most of that time without health insurance). Unfortunately, although I've heard some good things, I've probably heard twice as many bad things about those who tried to find jobs after attending Chubb. I have knowledge in Basic, C, and C++, so I don't think I would have too much of a problem at the school but I just want to make sure there's going to be a job available following completeion of the school. So my question goes to those who have been to or know someone who has gone to one of the Chubb Institutes around the country and what's your opinion of it? Is this a good move attending Chubb? I appreciate any info. Thanks in advance.

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    I've never heard of the school you are talking about but in my college class we have a guy that just got out of one of those schools. He's enrolled at my college now because he can't find a job with his prior degree. Hope it all works out!


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