Thread: A 6 Byte Number Data Type

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    A 6 Byte Number Data Type

    Does C++ have a 6 byte Number Data Type??.
    I could not find one so I wrote my own class object for it
    floats are 4
    doubles are 8

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    no, it doesnt. All it's got are chars, ints, floats, and longs.

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    Well depending on your compiler (which you don't mention), you could have
    long long int foo;
    __int64_t bar;
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    I just posted on another thread about bitfields, which you might be able to use. You can build a struct that aligns a specific number of bits for a data type.

    struct Int36
         int num : 36;
    it might get a little cumbersome to use, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too much of a hassle.

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    There are many ways you can accomplish it. You could do like skorman said with a little bit of inconvenience (and I mean little). I've used bitfields for embedded programming a lot. Worked like a charm for our robot controller.

    You could go with Salem's method, if you don't care about wasting a little bit of space, which I again, I emphasise little

    You could even make a C++ class and overload all the operators if you want to go all out

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    You can get this bahavior by using std::bitset
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