Thread: Multi - File Program not finding files

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    Multi - File Program not finding files

    I am working on a databse type program now, and I am still pretty new, so it is my first multi file program I've written. The problem is I have variables, arrays and functions that are defined within one .cpp file that we'll call file2. I have also created a file2.h, and include it in the preprocessor directives at the beginning of my main program file, we'll call file1.cpp. However, every time I try to display a variable that was defined in file2, it won't work. It says,

    error C2065: 'bookTitle' : undeclared identifier
    error C2109: subscript requires array or pointer type

    It's like its not reading the other files to the program. Is there something I need to do to link them together? Please help!

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    >error C2065: 'bookTitle' : undeclared identifier
    If bookTitle is declared in file2.h, then it should find it.

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    When you do this, you need to set up your code like so:

     int var1;
     int var2;
     float var3;
     int myFunc(int pass1,int pass2)
     	 return pass1+pass2;
     #ifndef FILE2_H_
     #define FILE2_H_
     extern int var1;
     extern int var2;
     extern float var3;
     int myFunc(int pass1,int pass2);
     #include "file2.h"
     #include <iostream.h>
     int main()
     	 cout << myFunc(var1,var2) << endl;
     	 cout << "var3==" << var3 << endl;
     	 return 0;
    So you basically have a triangle setup for your code:

     	   /	 \
     	file.cpp  file2.cpp
    -hope that helps

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