Thread: initializing struct values

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    Question initializing struct values

    ok, obviously since an array or array of struct are initiated in RAM, I can not initialize my int variables to 0. Is there a default value issued in RAM that I can look for to begin counter values so I know how it add to ints?

    The only way I could think to do it is, at the first initial pass of the program create a do loop to intialize every index of my 2d array so that all of my struct int variables get set to 0.

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    Nevermind, I found the answer in my books, sorry for the post!

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    Don't be sorry.....

    And the answer is.........?


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    I can initialize my struct as long as it is not within the declaration. I still used a loop to do all my values, but I could not find anything within my books that made it less difficult. But they are begginer books....

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    if your looking to initialize everything to zero, you might consider the "memset()" function.

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    You could initialize everything in a struct when it's declared....sometimes
    struct Obj
       int a;
       short b;
    Obj temp =  {0, 0};

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