Thread: set string array equal variable

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    Question set string array equal variable

    I'm new to arrays, can anyone help explain my fault... Other than my lack of knowledge

    I declare an array of strings:
    char stations [20] [11];
    then I try to set an element of the array determined by the value of a variable ->count to equal another variable -> partnerId.
    //determine recType and populate array if necessary
    		if (recType == 'p' || recType == 'P')
    			count = stationId; //set count equal to stationId
    			stations [count]== partnerId; //set element equal to partnerId
    			cout <<stations[count]<<endl; //display the element just set
    Every things seems to work fine, but my output on screen is nothing but garble. Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

    thanks as always for the help-

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    A) You're using a comparison operator for assignment.
    B) You need to use strcpy() to copy the string from partnerID to stations. You can't use the assignment operator to copy strings.
    strcpy( stations[count], partnerId );
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    Lightbulb Array Insight


    I happen to love arrays.. they are my favorite type of data structure.

    Well.. it looks like you have successfully declared a 'multi-dimensional' character array.. 20 elements by 11 elements.

    A typical problem with arrays are "off by one" errors when cycling through a FOR loop... which leads to accessing one element outside the bounds of the array... which can lead to garbage.

    Please supply more code.. include any associated FOR loops.
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    xsquared, that worked perfectly, I see your point, that makes sense with the error message I got using a single = earlier. Thanks soooooo much.

    Brain, thanks for you enthusiasm and you have already saved me a question later...

    I appreciate everyones help this site rocks!


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